so if I were writing the spn show finale I would 100% end the episode with a gorgeous montage of whateverthefuckishappening set to the last minute of a quick one while he’s away

because it’s just this frenzy of harmonies joyously singing YOU ARE FORGIVEN with reckless abandon

Supernatural Headcanon #1: Many of the angels (though usually the more rebellious ones in nature) long for the ability to sleep. The need for sleep implies a weakness that they don’t want to share with other creatures, but they sometimes wish they knew what it’s like to not experience for a little while.


Old man Dean! And his young man :3

I have a huge soft spot for older Dean/always-young-angel Castiel. There has to be a little bitterness in my curtain stuff. I like the sadness of it, but I also love the idea of Castiel loving Dean no matter how he changes over the years.

I also firmly believe he would be there when Dean dies, and leaves for heaven mere moments after him. lalala you can’t tell me different

Avengers Headcanon #3: After Clint lost the majority of his hearing, the agents he worked with the most started learning sign language for his sake. They all stopped using it after he got his hearing aids, but he and Nat still sign on missions whenever they have to keep silent.

Avengers Headcanon #1: Coulson was the kid who got beat up at school because instead of pictures of half-naked women, he had a Captain America poster hanging on the inside of his locker door.