Mine and Jodie’s Jimmy and Johnny costumes from last year.

Omfg I wanna see you guys’ american idiot cosplays now.


cesvoixdenfants asked:
Oh, man, just. ALL OF THEM.
  • 1. Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever seen one? Not entirely sure…I haven’t had any paranormal experiences, but a friend of mine swears she had an encounter with the ghost of a little boy in Georgia. It still freaks me out.
  • 2. Favorite candy? CHOCOLATE
  • 3. What did you dress up as when you were a kid? All the freakin things. A witch, one of the cats from Cats, Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, a sparkly devil, a vampire, the Corpse Bride…it goes on and on…
  • 4. Parties or Trick-or-Treating? Obviously trick-or-treating with friends and then back to someone’s house for smores and shit
  • 5. Have you ever carved a pumpkin? Maybe? If I have, it was poorly done.
  • 6. Worst thing you’ve ever gotten trick-or-treating? I never liked gum as a kid and I always got a fuckton of Double Bubble…
  • 7. Best costume you’ve ever seen? Jodie and I as Johnny and Jimmy from American Idiot. Yes shameless bragging.
  • 8. Favorite ‘Halloween’ monster? Werewolves now and forever.
  • 9. Favorite thing you’ve dressed up as? Doing themed costumes with Jodie is the best thing, so it’s a tie between Jimmy and Nite Owl.
  • 10. What are you dressing up as this year if you’re dressing up? What would you dress up as if you aren’t? Most likely Bane.
  • 11. Do you like going to haunted houses? YESSSSS
  • 12. Haunted woods? also yessss
  • 13. Ever worked in/hosted a haunted house/wood? My local zoo used to do this thing as part of their Great Zoo Halloween where we summer volunteers would come back in October and put costumes on and chill out in the woods and scare the people on the zoo train ride. We got to set hot dog buns on fire; it was AWESOME. I want to work at a haunted house someday…
  • 14. Do you decorate your home for Halloween? I would if anyone came to my house to see it…
  • 15. Favorite decoration? Aaaaaall of it. The more realistic the better.
  • 16. Got a favorite spooky tune? Anything from Nightmare Before Christmas
  • 17. Any wardrobe malfunctions? Last year, we had dress rehearsal for our school play Halloween night, so I had to quick change into my Saint Jimmy costume and makeup to meet up with Jodie and go with her to a local haunted house. I was scrubbing my extra-lasting-strength gold eye makeup from the play off half of my face the entire way there in the car.
  • 18. Scariest Halloween moment? When I was 11 or 12 and my friend Alex had his birthday party at the Haunted Castle haunted house, which isn’t that scary but it was my first time going through so I was just automatically jumpy and the boys kept sneaking up on me and jumpscaring me and it was SCARY
  • 19. Best Halloween? Mmmmmm I dunno. Maybe last year. Last year was fucking awesome. YES IT WAS LAST YEAR because a few days before actual Halloween, we had a Sweeney Todd and Rocky Horror party and Daniel ate like ten thousand pieces of candy and yeah.
  • 20. Worst Halloween? Honestly don’t know…probably some time when it rained.

casually gonna find an excuse to visit my dad in january just to bother you yiss.


you should make me mac and cheese too sob.

oh honey I would if you were here




your vote of confidence is overwhelming

It’s implied in the movie that Talia’s been trying to get Bruce’s attention for a pretty long time.

bro I’m still down in the prison

I have a prequel (first installment, really)
this prequel has beautiful potential
I know where to start it
I know where to end it

that awkward moment when you’re drawing a complete blank while filling in the middle of a character timeline

I mean I have 5 years unaccounted for between the beginning and ending events

5 years

something must have happened